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Some views from Clients...

“I have sought Tony's wisdom and counsel on more than one occasion in regard to acting in a non executive role with our companies and to seek guidance for possible alliances and mergers. He has a powerful network of industry individuals at his fingertips and his experience in the marketing and communications industries has both breadth and depth. I would recommend him without question to advise and assist in a management role ”.

Duncan Bruce - Partner & executive creative director, thebrandconspiracy

“Tony's enormous industry experience and depth of understanding means his advice is invaluable, and his commitment to the company has been critical. When the chips are down, Tony is a genuine asset. He's lovely to work with, knows everyone we've needed to know and brings wisdom in spades”.

Felix Velarde - Managing Director, Underwired

“Tony Bond is a rare commodity, a financial adviser who really understands business and finds practical solutions. Tony's M&A expertise is second to none, and his knowledge of business mechanisms across the board is a real advantage to any business owner. A pleasure to work with, I would not hesitate to recommend him”.

Toby Hurd - Director, Concordia Health Limited

“I've had the pleasure of working with Tony for over four years. He was instrumental in driving the shift in Lateral from an established and but somewhat chaotic lifestyle business into a substantially more mature growth business. In his time with us he identified and progressed conversations with many potential suitors as we sought to expand beyond our tradition of organic growth. A consummate professional and all round gentleman, I've happily recommended him to my peers in the past and will continue to do so”.

Jon Bains - Director, Lateral

“I have always welcomed Tony Bond's advice, in particular his ability to get to the heart of the matter and tell things the way they really are rather than the way we might like them to be. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise and adds value to any business prepared to listen to and take his views on board”.

Mark Westaby - Director, Portfolio Group

“I have known Tony for a number of years during which time he has acted in a non executive and advisory capacity supporting both myself and the wider management team at Crayon. Tony has always proved to be a highly experienced and professional individual that understands the agency sector intimately, and able to provide senior level advice across a range of areas, operational, finance or M&A. I have no hesitation in recommending Tony to any business that needs advice and support in these areas”.

Richard French - Managing Partner, Crayon